Cooperative Building Solutions
77 Westport Plaza, Suite 250 St. Louis, MO 63146

Telephone: +314.744.2277
FAX: +636.561.9501

Please use the contact form on our website or dial one of our contact numbers to speak to a representative. Let us build your future together.

Gary Hobson is the Chairman of Cooperative Building Solutions. He has spent his entire 50 year Rural Electric career helping the “Member at the End of the Line” receive quality service at the lowest possible price. read more here

Gary Hobson

Tim Masa is the President of Cooperative Building Solutions.  Tim is a LEED Accredited Professional who has been involved with rural electric cooperative projects with Gary Hobson over the past several years. read more here

Tim Masa

Through his 38 years of experience in the Rural Electric field, Max has gained an understanding of what it takes to run a cooperative. read more here

Max Ott
Regional Vice President

Bob Matheny recently retired from Sequachee Valley EC (SVEC) – TN after spending 32 years as a CEO in Tennessee and Michigan.  Bob earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech and his MBA from University of Tennessee. read more here

Bob Matheny
Regional Vice President

Ray Beavers is the Regional Vice President of Cooperative Building Solutions. He retired after spending 17 years as the CEO of United Cooperatives services in Cleburne Texas. read more here

Ray Beavers
Regional Vice President

Roger Bowser is the Regional Vice President of Cooperative Building Solutions. He retired after 10 years of service as the Manager of Energy Programs & Services at Midwest Energy & Communications (MEC). read more here

Roger Bowser
Regional Vice President

Scott Luecal serves as a Regional Vice President for Cooperative Building Solutions.  He has been a part of the electric cooperative industry for over 39 years. read more here

Scott Luecal
Regional Vice President

Craig Wall is the Project Executive of Cooperative Building Solutions. read more here

Craig Wall
Project Executive

Triffin Zecy is the Senior Preconstruction Manager of Cooperative Building Solutions. read more here

Triffin Zecy
Senior Preconstruction Manager